Opinion on ClearFXSignals

Come across the ea called ClearFXSignals. It seems pretty interesting on how they
reveal how to use their indicator. It reveals how highly profitable their entries are
for any forex currency pairs, in multiple time frames, and how it can help you in
scalping, daytrading or loner-term trading.


The long entry is signaled with green arrow and the short entry is signaled with red arrows. It’s upon the trader’s discretion the use of stop loss exits and other exit methods one is going to use. For only 97$, you can download immediate upon purchase at clearfxsignals dot com. Claiming to have special settings for each pair if you will purchase the whole package.

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Having it checked by one trader, it seems like a garbage when you see all the arrows all over the place. It’s apparently traded on the H1 chart, as per their examples in their website. Apparently, traders felt bullish after downloading the said system as they kept
on reselling their stuff at lower price for people to try them out, consequently, but in
the end they will increase the prices and have not provided refunds.


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Another sample of unrealistic EA is BMMAX. It offers 806% return in a month. This is something we should be careful inchoosing an EA. The average winner in pips is from 1 to 2.5 pips according to a report. How it happens remains a question. Maybe it the whole thing matters with the broker. Small pip hunters never work on real account.


The brokers must’ve started playing tricks once you start winning. Or it maybe because of the EA and not on the brokers.The account ae not on the same as the real one, there is no commission, less spread maybe slower price action.

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The small pip hunters would never work on real account. At first, the EA seemed to have a lot of potential when it showed its backtest performance from a ThinkForez-Demo server with a stop lossactivity for more than 70 pips and the everything else was default. Because if you activate the stop loss through an active live market data, this EA or any other EA’s wont open at any trades.The upset traders lost their 800$ on purchasing this ea and some lost 5000$ on real money. This is a fake product that we should stay away from.  As of the moment, the website was already down, company is maybe already out of business.

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Many of us probably are looking for a legitimate binary options system that do work for Forex. You must be tired of looking for a consistent system but have not found one yet. Try to consider Binary Options Xpose. It seems interesting when you try out a signal service on a week, they got 85% success rate.


This system is much better than the one they released previously. I can  agree to that as the previous seems to repaint badly. Taking a look at their website, there members seems to have pretty much have honest reviews. Unlike the other sites which members are seeming giving only positive feedback with a 100% wins, which as we know are just too good to be true . As one points it that it’s the way to go as he would not worry where to put stoploss or exit point, since he only need to get the direction by 1 pip.

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There is one site offering for sale BinaryOptionsXpose, its from Assaxin FX8.  Please do let us know if this works as one trader points this one as a crap.  Do you agree with him? Please let us know your thoughts.

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Smart buying with Binary Options Bullet

A software available that provides very few signals but then those that was provided are amazingly accurate. This is called Binary Options Bullet. You can definitely trust them, as much as I trust them completely. I understand that there are a lot of scams out there. But this one really says something. For a single purchase of 70$, you’ll be able to get winning signals and what’s make it more exciting is they don’t charge you for the updates.

binary options bullet

If you are one of the many who bought this, don’t just simply give it away as this software is using a license.  That only means, giving it away would be illegal. Anyway, this would cost only 70$, I think this would not make your bank account broke.

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But of course, only purchase when you believe in the system and you believe well in the people.  One way of ensuring that you may the right purchasing is thru communicating to their multiple team. I was just being smart in my purchases.Sounds good? You may purchase it thru ForexRobotNation link.



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The Best Binary Options Strategy

It has been known that there are no particular categories in binary options. It made me wonder what would be the best binary options then that we can actually say that this one succeeded. I think Forex Systems are slow for binary options. It was evident as experienced by most traders and investors.   One trader used EMA 40, 80, and SMA 60 in trending markets and not with sideway markets.  As it has been hard to make money in just 30 mins expiry time, plus if you lose one binary you would lose a hundred percent binaries. But then some got good reactions and was happy with this profitable system.  He starts testing the system and got a pretty good return.

best binary option

There is a simple strategy in binary options with no indicators used. Though I have not tested it myself but I read that this would only take “in boundary” trades. If you want to try it, you signed for an account with a binary broker, it offered a free demo for 90 days. If you tried this one, please let us know and share to us if this works for you.

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There is a website with pretty slow returns as this is an old website already. Its from Keith Jones which saying success  guaranteed in 60 mins with its video explaining how these will go.  But as per experience from one trader he lost 5 times in one row for this strategy. So before  trying any strategy, you may want to ask somebody and learn from their experience. How about you? Do you have any binary options you would want to share? If you have thoughts then, please comment. 

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Antix Forex System Experience

This might be an old system; it might not be the best but might be great if you mixed it with the system you are accustomed to use. The  two system M15, M30 is a recommended system while it can be used in the other time frame. What important is red line and yellow line below are repainted because of SSA’s base don’t run too much indicators of RSX ma FullSSA.

Antix Forex System

This system might slow down your PC with a great deal of this old system. The reason might be that because of the indicators using link with libraries folder. And this will somehow consume capacity and thus lower down computer’s performance.

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I doubt with Ultra Trend v2, can anybody tell me if this would consume capacity and slows down the computer.

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Andrew cardwell RSI complete course

There is a way to trade that helped traders. People realized that it is more than just an overselling/ overbuying oscillator. Andrew Cardwell RSI is characterized with ways that will help you identify and understand in a deeper way the components that makes trading and investing a success- these are the price, time, sentiment and momentum.

Andrew Cardwell rsi

Traders would want to thank Andrew Cardwell as this has become their most favorite indicator ever. Another file making rounds which is around 509mb , but the RSI edge is not shared.

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Andrew Cardwell offers a variety of books for mutual funds, Arbitrage, Capital Markets, Futures and Investing. Here he shares his professional views and intelligent strategies for the readers to excel in this craft. Over his many years of experience, the author has been able to help traders realize that the RSI is not just about overbuying or overselling oscillator. Its RSI has inherent characteristic that can analyze the 4 basic and the basic components of successful trading and investing.

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