Discussion Over Grail Indicator Forex

A discussion over whether the Grail Indicator Forex is a scam or not is going around.The claim of the creator that this indicator creates no repaint and no loss is a big factor that questions it’s credibility. If this is true, then even if you only start at 10$, one would end up a billionaire at the end of the year. If this is so, then why would he sell it? Although the indicators look perfect on mt4 “strategy tester”, that don’t mean that it will happen in real trading. A lot of it comes deceiving especially for those new who can easily be deceived. Even if he can show a video proof of this indicator through backtest only, but they wont believe that he can show this doing a live session.


While the others are being negative about this, others still are giving it a try. Not all that claimed to be no loss is a scammer. His way of selling it maybe likened to a car enthusiast who sells and buys cars not because he thinks that the car is not doing any good to him. He sells it for the passion of it. And they believe that that maybe true to this one. Or they think that he could have enough money to start of his trade.

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But the market is not moving in a linear manner. It’s moving in a chaotic way. It has different parameters and different conditions. And how will we able make this chaotic market puts into order? By choosing the combination of facts that was already proven true over time like Larry Williams. Also, you may want some good support and resistance indi. YOu can trade with the news on CNBC, Bloomberg etc. Try also to think, act and trade like what the big banks are doing. If you can do this, you are not far away from your first million.

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