MJ’s Forex Signal

A forum staff from Worlwide Invest, MJ have started providing  Forex signal in 2010 which he continued to do so until this year. Starting with the ff. pairs,AUD/JPY,CHF/JPY,GBP/JPY,EUR/JPY,NZD/USD,AUD/USD,USD/CAD,USD/CHF,GBP/USD,EUR/USD. His stop loss is always at 100pips everyday or depending n the movement of the market.


Having a chat service through the free service in skype would be a great help for the forum’s followers to get a call. Skype have all the communication tools needed for its robust and convenient way of communicating. This should not be treated as a pure signal provider. Learning from majjed is more important than just following signals, you may join the the chat room and leave your window open until he gives signals. The forum is fine but I guess this is not enough as a forum initiation would be a better idea.

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Mj has been more than just a signal provider but even more than a technical support. The chart service can be best if we will not provide signals there. MJ suggest they will used skype to invite them and let them know when to join the thread but all the signals will still be provided in the thread. By opening the thread, he  can give signals and as the week ends, they will calculate the points for every member signal and who have more profits during the week. A helpful tip to better everyone in Forex.

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