Get martingale and grid ea

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Some Forex trader, due to their lack of knowledge in Forex trading, relies on lesser profit.The concept in there trade is that at least they are earning some money through Forex trades.But Forex trade is the one that certain occasions and trends in the market, can lead you to the losses which are more than, actually you earn. A worldwide research shows that if you want to earn the profit then it should be at least that much that you may be saved from loss. 20% of profit on monthly basis is considered as a safe profit.Using   ea based on principal of no loss no profit is the one through which you remain safe as far as Forex trading is concerned.Picture given below shows an ea through which you can earn 20 per month profit.

Get martingale and grid ea
Martingale ea and grid is one well reputed application which assures you a 20%percent per month profit in the Forex trade.Figure given below shows you an example of martingale and grid ea.

Get martingale and grid ea
So to conclude if you want to play safe in the Forex trade, select an ea as shown the figure given below which assure zero loss, even there are dramatic changes in the market.

Get martingale and grid ea
Please share your comment on how to earn 20% profit per month.If you have some other ea that helps in getting 20% profit and works on no profit no loss bases then share here.

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