Get EX4-TO-MQ4 Decompiler

Profesional Tools For Traders using MT4

In Forex trading, the tools and computer language which protect your files is very important. In the Forex business it is the protection of your EX4 file will protect your EA from being unsecured. You do not want that the trade you make and buying or selling carried out by your EA are seen and approached by the competitor . Decompile protected ex4 to mq4, if you want to check your EA actions in simple word text. Figure given below shows an example of one such tool that is EX4-TO-MQ4 Decompiler V4.0.409.1.

EX4-TO-MQ4 Decompiler In meta trade, the expert advisers are generally created in mql language and then the source the text code mq4 in ex4.The ex4 is the only language which the meta trader EA understands.Nothing can be seen bY using a simple text order.

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Though IT is useful in the protection of the files but once you want to see the files created in ex4 in a text order then you require a tool like ultra_filter_2_0.ex4 to read the files or understand the files.Figure given below shows example of ultra_filter_2_0.ex4.


A well-recognized software like ultra_filter_2_0.ex4 has the ability to install DLL files.Figure given below shows the example that shows how useful this tool is.


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2 Responses to Get EX4-TO-MQ4 Decompiler

  1. afrah ex says:

    Do you know the softrware to compile protected EX4 to MQ4? I have software to compile ex4 not protected.

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