Dukascopy Download

Dukascopy is an accurate system and their staff is someone who knows how to support client -traders.  They have ensured newest technology with a metatrader FX adviser 2 or 3. But Dukascopy has some issues, it can’t easily be shared.It may have too big data which made is hard to upload it to any file share website. A dukascopier will download tick data from dukascopy for about an hour per pair and convert tick data in CSV and then MT4 + Birt’s patches to make fxt files.This would take long and torrent download is a better way to do it.


Having good data on M1 is not reliable as this is formatted in metatraders internal unreadable compiled while historical data is stored as readable text-files which are separated by comma ie: .csv file format. this kind of file are easily transformed to .hst format with a script like the free CSVFXT, that means that .csv is convertable to both formats; .hst and .fxt as used by metatraders.

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Metatrader uses Historical currency data. This can be downloaded in the form of bar-as MetaQuotes. We cannot find any tick -data but values for the opening, closing . the highest and lowest value. Unfortunately, the tick-data results were fabricated using a trategytester. That means that they are not enough to be tested on real data.

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The Dynamic Scalper Pro Results

Diversifying your forex trading strategies is the best way to handle the ever changing and volatile market. One of the good EA is the Dynamic Scalper Pro.  The backtest results were great and looks good. However, you need to give your email address and once you have done it, they will send you a lot of spammed emails to you, which is kind of irritating. I would this suggest to n decompile and remove the email authentication.


Should you want to use this scalper, you may download it by optimizing several pairs during the previous week. Seeing the backtest, it looks good. You may try it on forward run as it made some good results. One more point, never to forget to switch Auto_GMT to true.

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The backtest was slow. Stopped on BT on EURGBT and the results were not that good. But as for EUR/CHF BT looks ok. If you will use GBPUSD, make sure you use the correct GMT to make good results but not at all times. Also, it seems that the EA checks for purposes of showing it off only. There is no effect in actual trading. It contains a lot of bugs, therefore it is not advisable to use it in live accounts.

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Discussion Over Grail Indicator Forex

A discussion over whether the Grail Indicator Forex is a scam or not is going around.The claim of the creator that this indicator creates no repaint and no loss is a big factor that questions it’s credibility. If this is true, then even if you only start at 10$, one would end up a billionaire at the end of the year. If this is so, then why would he sell it? Although the indicators look perfect on mt4 “strategy tester”, that don’t mean that it will happen in real trading. A lot of it comes deceiving especially for those new who can easily be deceived. Even if he can show a video proof of this indicator through backtest only, but they wont believe that he can show this doing a live session.


While the others are being negative about this, others still are giving it a try. Not all that claimed to be no loss is a scammer. His way of selling it maybe likened to a car enthusiast who sells and buys cars not because he thinks that the car is not doing any good to him. He sells it for the passion of it. And they believe that that maybe true to this one. Or they think that he could have enough money to start of his trade.

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But the market is not moving in a linear manner. It’s moving in a chaotic way. It has different parameters and different conditions. And how will we able make this chaotic market puts into order? By choosing the combination of facts that was already proven true over time like Larry Williams. Also, you may want some good support and resistance indi. YOu can trade with the news on CNBC, Bloomberg etc. Try also to think, act and trade like what the big banks are doing. If you can do this, you are not far away from your first million.

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MJ’s Forex Signal

A forum staff from Worlwide Invest, MJ have started providing  Forex signal in 2010 which he continued to do so until this year. Starting with the ff. pairs,AUD/JPY,CHF/JPY,GBP/JPY,EUR/JPY,NZD/USD,AUD/USD,USD/CAD,USD/CHF,GBP/USD,EUR/USD. His stop loss is always at 100pips everyday or depending n the movement of the market.


Having a chat service through the free service in skype would be a great help for the forum’s followers to get a call. Skype have all the communication tools needed for its robust and convenient way of communicating. This should not be treated as a pure signal provider. Learning from majjed is more important than just following signals, you may join the the chat room and leave your window open until he gives signals. The forum is fine but I guess this is not enough as a forum initiation would be a better idea.

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Mj has been more than just a signal provider but even more than a technical support. The chart service can be best if we will not provide signals there. MJ suggest they will used skype to invite them and let them know when to join the thread but all the signals will still be provided in the thread. By opening the thread, he  can give signals and as the week ends, they will calculate the points for every member signal and who have more profits during the week. A helpful tip to better everyone in Forex.

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Dominator Diamond Binary Options Experience

Having so many binary options available, we should be very careful in choosing what to purchase so that we can say we purchase something worth our money and time. Taken into account is Dominator Diamond Binary Options which is used in Euro session which have more or less having an average of more than $38,000 monthly cash flow off $500 trades.

binary diamond

It may attract some newbies but as for those who have experienced trading with this, they discouraged the new ones to to purchase it. If you have seen the prices in this so called binary system, like the one sold in eBay, Omni11 is like $2900, if this would work then that would be great. But then I doubt it that it would work the way you expect it to be.

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What you can see is a bunch of rewritten things from other system. What made it even worse is when one trader bought this , they only tell her their location but they don’t have phone no. or any way they could contact them. She clicked to buy, it clicked
back reminding her to beware. Something he regretted why she purchased it.

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Cyrox Evolution in Trade

An old method from Cyrox is called Cyrox Scalping. It’s colorful display made it beautiful and attractive for the eyes but not so much on trading. It was designed for a 5 time frame only. With this one, he also use other indicators for price movement confirmation. Well, Cyrox has moved on quite a bit since then.

Entering upon the ForEx market with high probability for profits and small difference in prices is a specialty of Cyrox simple scalping. Keeping a short exposure to the market will minimize the probability to run the trade in an unfavorable event.

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He conduct seminars for several years now. He released a lot of eBooks and courses. He was such a nice guy but his trading system is relatively poor according to some who used this kind of scalping technique.You can find other far better scalping systems than this like VSA. It comes with a trade guider which works very well. Also, you may want to choose to use CPD with various models. This one also looks good. You may give your thoughts.

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Curtis Arnold and His PPS ( Pattern Probability System)

It maybe not the first time but definitely not the last time that somebody claimed to have more profitability than what it actually can offer. But Curtis Arnold’s video mentioned a great deal of principles and concepts which is instructive and refreshing. While it is true that to be a great trader, one must acquire skills and discipline for 10 years. He also mentioned that the important things to remember to build a successful carrier. He also mentioned the theme of consistency and that those who are struggling have the tendency to jump from one system to another system. He also taught correct money management. Basing his patterns in the trend of continuity. That only shows he managed to established his own trend with stop management as an extension of the pattern.

curtis arnold

But we should be careful in following his system. The triangle breakout is somehow not safe since even if it is very clear on paper, but when applied on his trade examples, seemed it loose. The problem with this is; it’s not easy to recognize it in real time/ Also, this can be tricky when it is in development and false read of completion is very common. Lastly, the triangle in Elliot Wave on shown in Wave B, Wave 4 or Wave X- this pattern can end the whole move- this limits the upside. But all in all, this video is worth watching for.

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But on July 31, 1997, CFTC filed an administrative complaint against Curtis McNair Arnold and London Financial Inc. for fraud and the failure to register in connection with marketing. The alleged fraud started since 1996. They were told to pay $100,000 for these violations done after Nov 27, 1996 and prohibits them to trade for 3 years.

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Opinion on ClearFXSignals

Come across the ea called ClearFXSignals. It seems pretty interesting on how they
reveal how to use their indicator. It reveals how highly profitable their entries are
for any forex currency pairs, in multiple time frames, and how it can help you in
scalping, daytrading or loner-term trading.


The long entry is signaled with green arrow and the short entry is signaled with red arrows. It’s upon the trader’s discretion the use of stop loss exits and other exit methods one is going to use. For only 97$, you can download immediate upon purchase at clearfxsignals dot com. Claiming to have special settings for each pair if you will purchase the whole package.

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Having it checked by one trader, it seems like a garbage when you see all the arrows all over the place. It’s apparently traded on the H1 chart, as per their examples in their website. Apparently, traders felt bullish after downloading the said system as they kept
on reselling their stuff at lower price for people to try them out, consequently, but in
the end they will increase the prices and have not provided refunds.


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Another sample of unrealistic EA is BMMAX. It offers 806% return in a month. This is something we should be careful inchoosing an EA. The average winner in pips is from 1 to 2.5 pips according to a report. How it happens remains a question. Maybe it the whole thing matters with the broker. Small pip hunters never work on real account.


The brokers must’ve started playing tricks once you start winning. Or it maybe because of the EA and not on the brokers.The account ae not on the same as the real one, there is no commission, less spread maybe slower price action.

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The small pip hunters would never work on real account. At first, the EA seemed to have a lot of potential when it showed its backtest performance from a ThinkForez-Demo server with a stop lossactivity for more than 70 pips and the everything else was default. Because if you activate the stop loss through an active live market data, this EA or any other EA’s wont open at any trades.The upset traders lost their 800$ on purchasing this ea and some lost 5000$ on real money. This is a fake product that we should stay away from.  As of the moment, the website was already down, company is maybe already out of business.

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Many of us probably are looking for a legitimate binary options system that do work for Forex. You must be tired of looking for a consistent system but have not found one yet. Try to consider Binary Options Xpose. It seems interesting when you try out a signal service on a week, they got 85% success rate.


This system is much better than the one they released previously. I can  agree to that as the previous seems to repaint badly. Taking a look at their website, there members seems to have pretty much have honest reviews. Unlike the other sites which members are seeming giving only positive feedback with a 100% wins, which as we know are just too good to be true . As one points it that it’s the way to go as he would not worry where to put stoploss or exit point, since he only need to get the direction by 1 pip.

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There is one site offering for sale BinaryOptionsXpose, its from Assaxin FX8.  Please do let us know if this works as one trader points this one as a crap.  Do you agree with him? Please let us know your thoughts.

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